As we all know, the league can’t be won in August, but in the world of Fantasy Football it is an all-important period for managers. Because, while the clubs playing well now aren’t always the ones that finish well come May, it does for the first time give some clues as to who the regular starters might be, at least for the first half of the season.

Top Five

Team & Manager



TripleF F.C - Fadi F



Gangsters Allardyce - Damian Hopkins



Ossie's Dream - Steven Hale



joalso - Mark Horgan



Velky most - Tomas Pavlicek



Judging from the first game who are going to be the star players, or being one of the first to pick them up, is notoriously difficult, but Fadi Faysal of H.W. Wood brilliantly showed how it’s done, as he topped the league with 267 points, and claimed the August Manager of the Month prize. Congratulations Fadi, a bottle of champagne is on its way to you. Like the whole top five this month, Fadi was rewarded for backing West Ham to continue their good form from last season. Antonio’s four goals and 40 points put him 10 points clear as the highest scorer in the month, but Benrahma’s 26 points made him another top pick – the joint second highest scoring midfielder in the month.

The question managers will be asking themselves is whether the West Ham duo can continue this form after the international break. Transfers in the last days of August will introduce new options to the fray, undoubtedly the most interesting of which is the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Premier League. The five time Ballon d’Or winner was top scorer in Italy last season with 29 goals in 33 games, and if he brings that form to Old Trafford he may be a player Fantasy managers find it impossible to leave out. As the joint most expensive player in the game, managers will be tested in how they balance the budget to bring Ronaldo into their teams, potentially allowing for many different options when picking amongst the top players, and the prospect of an extremely exciting fantasy football season ahead.