BIBA 2023: Redefining Business as Usual

BIBA 2023, the annual pilgrimage of the UK insurance industry, took place in Manchester last week and it was anything but business as usual.

The event, held at the iconic Cloud 23 at the Hilton Deansgate was our home for the afternoon. With a unique blend of adrenaline-pumping Parkour performances and all-around entertainment, it made for an event to remember.

Determined to make a lasting impression, our team of Parkour runners took Manchester by storm. Touring the city, the runners showcased their skills, performing awe-inspiring stunts, flips and tricks at a host of famous landmarks - including outside Manchester Central. Dressed in blazers adorned with our brand theme for the event, these agile athletes left a trail of amazement in their wake.

As guests arrived at Cloud 23, they were greeted with welcome cocktails, branded beer and delicious canapes. The atmosphere was electric, as a roaming band filled the room with their infectious energy. A magician topped off the entertainment with our Parkour runners flipping over some of our unsuspecting guests, plucking people from the crowd to participate.

The success of BIBA 2023 has left us eagerly anticipating 2024. We are thrilled to confirm we have locked down Cloud 23 once again for BIBA 2024. We are ready to push the boundaries even further next year and continue to make waves in the industry.