The Importance of Company Culture: Why Sharing is Key to Success

Company culture is an essential component of any successful business. It refers to the values, beliefs and behaviours shaping how people work together within an organisation. A positive company culture adopts a sense of community, inspires teamwork and motivates employees to work towards a common goal. Let’s explore the importance of company culture in the workplace and how sharing is the key to business success.

In This Together

At Aventum, we have built a lasting culture in the business that everyone understands. We believe that the sharing culture is a key to our success. We have a winning mentality that means everyone has a part to play. We say no to ‘one person islands’ because we understand nobody truly succeeds on their own. Just like motorsport - no driver wins alone. They have a team supporting them. It is the same at Aventum.

We spend two thirds of our working lives at work, so we might as well enjoy it. Having the mentality that we will share the wins and losses helps everyone understand exactly how their work contributes to business success. At Aventum, we have worked hard to ensure this comes across in the culture we have in the business today. We believe a sense of community and shared responsibility rooted in our culture help to make us successful.

A Family Mentality

Widely referred to as ‘Clan Culture’, having a family orientated approach to company culture places communication at the heart. Where every individual is valued, clan culture is action orientated, breaking down conventional hierarchical relationships and encouraging growth.

A positive company culture encourages collaboration, improves communication and lifts employee motivation, increasing productivity. A shared sense of ownership and accountability among employees encourages people to take pride in their work and go the extra mile to achieve success. But how can you create a positive company culture?

Knowing Your Values

Clearly defining your company’s core values establishes the guiding principles and beliefs that ultimately shape the culture of the business. When values are defined and embraced by employees (and not just corporate bollocks), it creates a positive and productive work environment.

Listen Up

Trust is the foundation of a positive workplace culture. Encouraging open communication, active listening and transparency establish business-wide trust. As a result, people will often be more comfortable sharing ideas and working together to achieve a common goal.

Let People Grow

Encourage professional development, training and education. Instead of filling skill gaps with new team members, help existing team members upskill. When you need new faces, recruit people that truly fit the vision for the future and go beyond the box-checking banality of regular recruitment.


Build a culture of appreciation and gratitude by celebrating achievements within the business to help people feel valued and invested. Celebrating success can build momentum and motivation. Learning from failures can help to identify areas for improvement. Embracing both helps foster a growth mindset in the business.


Encouraging work-life balance can prevent burnout and increase employee satisfaction. Prioritising all around well-being can create a culture that values mental and physical health, leading to increased job satisfaction and improved performance.

Company culture is an essential component of any successful business. At Aventum, we believe that sharing is key to success. We have built a lasting family culture into the fibre of the business for over a quarter of a century. We have a company wide mentality that means everyone has a part to play.

Creating a fulfilling work culture is not instant. However, if you stick to your values, listen to your employees and help people be themselves, it will happen organically. It will be worth the wait.