The lights are on, Aventum is here

Aventum is the new name for Direct Insurance Group, a business with roots going all the way back to 1996 as a small retail broker.

Fuelled by an infectiously entrepreneurial spirit, our business has evolved and expanded in various ways over the last 25 years to reach the point we are at today – launching Aventum Group – the home to a $100m GWP UK wholesale and global reinsurance broker, Consilium, and a $500m GWP global (re)insurance MGA, Rokstone.

Our transformation into a major independent provider of insurance and reinsurance, with 13 offices trading across six continents, has been achieved by taking brave and bold moves into new classes and regions where we see opportunity.

These values, and a culture that dares to discover, have always underpinned our approach to providing insurance and reinsurance.

However, up until now, our ascent has largely been in the shadows. That all changes with the launch of Aventum. As you can see from the footage of our light show below, we want everyone to know who we are and what we’ve achieved.

The lights are on and Aventum is well and truly here to stay!