From Perks to Policies: Aventum’s Insurance Oasis

Grab the confetti cannons and cue the applause because Aventum has just landed a spot on Great Place to Work’s newest list. That’s right - Aventum Group has just burst open the doors to the ultimate financial fiesta!

We are thrilled to appear as a Top Achiever on Great Place to Work’s UK’s Best Workplaces in Financial Services and Insurance list. We are even ranked inside the Top 5!

Recognising firms across the country that have developed cultures that tap into the thrill of competition, the list includes Large and Super Large businesses that prioritise people’s well-being and job satisfaction alongside performance.

Great Place to Work Recognition

For three incredible decades, Great Place to Work has been the go-to guru for understanding what really makes a workplace tick. In an era where company reviews and employee feedback hold immense weight, being recognised by Great Place to Work holds profound significance.

 Job hunters pour over the lists like treasure maps, searching for businesses that align with their career aspirations. Meanwhile, employers use the lists to benchmark their own efforts in the race to secure top-tier talent and identify areas for improvement.

 Navigating the Landscape of Workplace Excellence

Employees today are not simply looking for jobs. They are seeking enriching experiences that align with their values. Aventum recognises this shift and strives to create inclusive environments where every individual’s unique contribution is acknowledged and valued.

Being recognised as a Best Workplace for Women adds another layer of distinction, highlighting our commitment to Learning and Development, gender equality and empowerment.

 Aventum’s Commitment

Being a Best Workplace has been meticulously curated. The company’s focus on cultivating a culture of trust, collaboration and continuous learning has set us apart. Employees are not just cogs in the wheel, but essential contributors to a shared mission. This approach, coupled with an unwavering commitment to employee well-being, has created a workplace that resonates with the modern workforce.

Aventum has been cracking the code of what turns a regular old office into a buzzing hive of awesomeness. Aventum has worked hard to create a melting pot where innovation and individuality aren’t simply tolerated - they are celebrated.

 A Journey Worth Celebrating

Aventum’s presence on the UK’s Best Workplaces in Financial Services list is more than just another accolade. It is a testament to the power of a people-centric approach in driving success. As the business world continues to evolve, one thing remains constant; a workplace that values its employees will always be a workplace that thrives.

Aventum’s journey to this prestigious recognition is a beacon of inspiration for all, reminding us that creating a remarkable workplace culture is a journey well worth undertaking.

When work becomes play, everyone’s a winner.